Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Luke Ridnour Joins Wolves

Luke Ridnour has agreed to a 4-year, $16 million contract with Minnesota.

The Breakdown
Yet another puzzling move by the Wolves. They already have Jonny Flynn in place as the starting PG and they signed Ramon Sessions last year to a deal nearly identical to what Ridnour just signed. When you factor in that they also have Ricky Rubio potentially coming over next year, the PG infatuation in Minnesota is a bit puzzling.

I expect Sessions to be moved later this offseason and Ridnour to be the primary back up to Flynn. Ridnour is another player that's more valuable in reality than he is in fantasy. The one nice thing about Ridnour is that he can produce across the board. From points, to assists, to rebounds, to steals, he can give you a little of everything on any given night. Still, he's no more than a late pick in a deep league. He's just not going to get enough minutes on this team to be a major factor next season unless Minnesota becomes the run-and-gun team they are aiming to be. Even in a fast paced offense, Ridnour's value doesn't go up by very much because Flynn is sure to get the bulk of the playing time.

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