Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Most Dropped: March 9

These are the five most dropped players over the last week. Stats listed below are from the last 7 days.

  1. Channing Frye (11.7 points, 2 three-pointers, 8.7 rebounds, 100% FT%): Frye was widely dropped after injuring his shoulder over the weekend. He's expected to miss 2-3 weeks, putting his return around the end of the month. He's a player we'd keep an eye on if he's been dropped in your league. He's currently in the top 50 of our player ratings and should remain an impact player when he returns. Stash him now if you can afford to do so.
  2. Trevor Ariza (7 points, 1 three-pointer, 75% FG%): Like Frye, Ariza is also dealing with an injury. Trevor's injury, though, doesn't appear to be as serious and he could return within the next few games. Fantasy owners who need help in steals should add him if he's available.
  3. Arron Afflalo (12 points, 1.7 three-pointers, 54.2% FG%, 83.3% FT%): Following the trend this week, Afflalo is dealing with a hamstring injury that will cause him to miss at least the next two games. We have Afflalo in the top 40 of our player ratings, so we definitely recommend grabbing him if someone was foolish enough to drop him. He's been a great source of three-pointers and percentages, but he's also contribute a little something across the board since he averages nearly 35 minutes a game.
  4. Antawn Jamison (Has not played due to injury): After suffering a season-ending injury, fantasy owners continue to drop Jamison. Anyone still holding onto him should be looking for a replacement.
  5. Hedo Turkoglu (6 points, 1 three-pointer): Hedo has been struggling with his shot of late, scoring in double digits just twice since the All-Star break. He still remains a solid contributor in rebounds and assists. He hasn't been a big scorer this season, so we recommend finding another option if you need a boost in the points category. But if you're holding onto Turkoglu for his all-around game, he's still worth a roster spot as he continues to start and play heavy minutes.

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