Friday, November 5, 2010

Five Players You Should Sell High

The following is a list of players who have started the season strongly, but we're not sure if they can sustain their production through an entire season. It would be a good idea to explore deals to acquire proven, dependable talent for these players while they're hot.

  1. Elton Brand: As we point out earlier this week, Elton Brand is looking like his old self under new coach Doug Collins. But given Brand's injury history and his terrible play in his time with the 76ers, it's a coin flip as to whether he can play well and stay healthy for the entire season. If you get a strong offer for Brand, consider taking the deal.
  2. Lamar Odom: With the injury to Andrew Bynum, Odom has stepped in to the starting line up and he's contributing much more than he has the last couple of years. While Odom is great to have while he's starting, Bynum is going to be back by December and Odom's production will likely drop when he returns to a sixth man role. One thing to factor is that Bynum is injury prone, so Odom may be worth holding onto in case Bynum is sidelined later in the year. Still, I'd recommend taking a good offer if the opportunity presents itself.
  3. Wilson Chandler: Chandler is another player playing at another level that we've not seen from him. It's very unlikely he can continue putting up amazing all-around lines for the entire year. If someone's willing to give up a more proven player, jump at the chance to make a deal.
  4. Andrew Bogut: Unlike the other players on this list, Bogut is a player we feel can play at a high level for as long as he's on the court. The problem is we're not sure how long he'll be on the court. Bogut has suffered from injury problems the last couple of seasons and he admittedly entered the season below 100%. If you don't want to take a chance on Bogut getting hurt, look to trade him now while he's healthy and putting up good numbers.
  5. Kevin Martin: Similar to Bogut, Martin can produce when he's healthy but he is a serious injury risk. He has played over 61 games only twice in his 7-year career. In fantasy, I'd rather have a player with average stats who I can count on to play 82 games over a guy who gives me great stats for only 50. Martin has started the season well and should be dangled as trade bait.

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