Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bulls Sign Kyle Korver

The Bulls have signed Kyle Korver to a 3-year $15 million contract.

The Breakdown
The Bulls are another team forced to go to Plan B as they missed out on signing a second big name to go with Carlos Boozer. They have gone ahead and added Korver, who fills a big hole in their line up at SG. They were undersized last year with Kirk Hinrich starting at SG and he's been moved to Washington, which leaves a starting role that Korver has a chance to fill.

Korver is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league. He'll consistently provide respectable scoring numbers with great FG%, 3%, and FT%. If Korver can become the starter and up his minutes into the high 20s, Korver could also be a decent source of steals, with some good rebounding numbers for his position.

Rumor has it that the Bulls have made an offer to restricted free agent J.J. Redick. The Magic will have 7 days to match. If Redick also joins the Bulls, Korver will have to compete with him for that starting role. It is likely to turn into a situation where they're both splitting minutes right down the middle and neither makes a huge leap in production this year. If the Magic choose to match the offer and retain Redick, this definitely benefits Korver owners.

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