Sunday, January 9, 2011


Looking at my standings, it is obvious I need help. However, this is my first fantasy league, so I don't really know what fair trade offers would be, who to drop/hold on to, etc. So any advice?

My Standings

FG%: 6th-Tied
FT%: 1st

Jameer Nelson

Chauncey Billups
Wesley Matthews
Luke Ridnour
Kevin Durant
Andrei Kirilenko
Antwan Jamison
Andray Blatche
Marcin Gortat
LaMarcus Aldridge
Paul Millsap
Zach Randolph
DeMarcus Cousins


The Breakdown
You've got some pretty good bigs, but you really need to upgrade your guards. Immediately, I'd drop Gortat and pick up the best guard available on your waiver wire. I believe Kirk Hinrich is available in your league, so scoop him up. He'll help you out in assists and steals. If another highly rated guard is available via free agency, I'd drop Blatche and grab him. Landry Fields is a good guard who's available in a lot of leagues. He'd immediately help you in rebounds and steals.

As for trades, I would try to move Millsap as he's highly rated but doesn't help you enough in blocks. You'll want to target a player who can boost your assists, steals, and/or blocks and you'll want to propose trades to teams who need a boost to their scoring and rebounding numbers. Make sure you target guys who are close to the top in their particular category or you'll have no chance of coming back. Although assists are hard to get in the free agent pool, you can get someone like Kyle Lowry possibly for help in assists and steals. I'd also grab Darko Milicic for blocks if he's available. You'll probably have to drop someone decent to get either, though.

If possible, you could also look to move Kevin Durant for Chris Paul. You're tops in scoring, so you don't need Durant for his best category. Paul could really bring you up in steals and assists quickly while keeping the turnovers pretty low.

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