Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ekpe Udoh Emerging as a Fearsome Shot Blocker

Golden State Warriors rookie forward Ekpe Udoh has emerged as a shot blocking presence since his return from injury. In the three games where he's played more than 10 minutes, Udoh has averaged 3 blocks.

The Breakdown
Good shot blockers are hard to come by, so those in need of blocks will want to consider Udoh in the short term. He's getting a chance to play now due to injuries to Andris Biedrins and Dan Gadzuric. We're not sure if he'll remain in the rotation when they return, which should be some time soon, so fantasy owners will need to monitor his playing time once Biedrins and Gadzuric are healthy. If you choose to add him, don't expect much more than blocks and a handful of rebounds out of him.

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