Saturday, December 4, 2010

Andrew Bogut's Elbow No Longer a Concern

Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut returned from a back injury tonight and had a monster game. His line: 31 points and 18 rebounds.

The Breakdown
A strong return performance from the Aussie, who put up a season-high in points and tied a season-high in rebounds. While earlier in the season it appeared his elbow was hampering his play, that no longer appears to be the case. His shots around the basket looked very fluid and he was able to fully extend on his shots. His free throw shooting this season, though, has been very poor but he was never a good free throw shooter to begin with. Although Bogut still remains a bit of an injury risk in general, it doesn't appear the elbow injury that ended his 2009-10 season prematurely will hinder him from playing at a high level this year.

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