Saturday, December 25, 2010

Paul Silas Promising Uptempo Offense for Bobcats

New Charlotte Bobcats head coach Paul Silas is planning to implement a fast-paced offense, in stark contrast to former coach Larry Brown's slower-paced, defense-oriented approach. Silas has the Bobcats practicing with a 14-second shot clock to prepare them for this new run-and-gun style.

The Breakdown
If the Bobcats drastically change their style of play, it will boost the fantasy value of every rotation player. For now, we recommend picking up D.J. Augustin in the few leagues where he's available and Boris Diaw in the 30% or so of leagues where he remains unowned. Those two figure to continue playing big minutes. Tyrus Thomas is also worth a speculative pick up as he's likely to see the most minutes off the bench.

Deeper leagues may also want to take a look at centers Nazr Mohammed and Kwame Brown. Kwame was starting to see a larger chunk of the playing time in recent games, but Silas could change the rotation. I would wait until the team plays its first game under Silas and snag whoever plays more minutes. One of them could quietly gain some value under this new offensive system.

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