Monday, November 29, 2010

Chris Douglas-Roberts Returns With a Vengeance

After missing the team's first 15 games after being poked in the eye in the preseason, Milwaukee Bucks wing Chris Douglas-Roberts came out with his scoring guns blazing. In his first two games, CDR is averaging 15 points and 2 three-pointers on 50% shooting from the field.

The Breakdown
Much like Larry Sanders, CDR is taking advantage of increased playing time in the face of numerous injuries in Milwaukee. It remains to be seen what his role will be once Carlos Delfino and Corey Maggette are both healthy. For now deep leaguers will want to pick him up and ride him while he's getting extended playing time. Once the Bucks start getting healthy, we'll have to see what CDR's role is and decide whether he's worth keeping on your roster.

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