Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sixers Starting Line Up Taking Shape

Heading into training camp, Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins has been going with the following as his starters:

Center: Spencer Hawes
Power Forward: Elton Brand
Small Forward: Thaddeus Young
Shooting Guard: Andre Iguodala
Point Guard: Jrue Holiday

The Breakdown
It appears that Evan Turner will have a bench role, but things could change as camp progresses. It was thought that Philly would start Brand at center, but obviously coach Collins doesn't want to give up so much size and is going with Hawes in the middle. If Hawes sticks in the starting line up, this increases his value going into the season.

We'll have to see how Turner is used throughout the preseason to get a better idea of what we can expect from him this season. Coming off the bench, though, is a clear blow to his fantasy value because it will be tough for him to get big minutes behind talented players like Iguodala and Young.

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