Thursday, September 9, 2010

Carmelo Anthony Determined to be Traded

According to the Denver Post, Carmelo Anthony wants a trade to either the Knicks or Bulls. Although new general manager Masai Ujiri has tried his best to sway Anthony, Carmelo is determined to force his way out of Denver.

Sources within the NBA are also saying Chicago is interested in acquiring Anthony and are having internal discussions in regards to what they are willing to give up to the Nuggets in exchange for Carmelo.

The Breakdown
All the reports coming out of Denver seem to point toward an inevitable trade of their franchise player. Although Carmelo wants to play in Chicago or New York, the Nuggets are going to trade him to the team that gives them the best offer, not the team Anthony prefers. As we've stressed in previous posts, when Anthony gets traded it will likely create a domino effect that sees many players get moved as the Nuggets rebuild. This is a situation we'll continue to monitor as it could have huge ramifications for fantasy owners.

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