Saturday, August 28, 2010

Police Investigating Altercation Involving J.R. Smith reports that J.R. Smith was involved in a physical altercation at the Nuggets practice facility earlier this month. The Denver district attorney's office had originally chosen not to press charges, but police have now reopened the investigation into the matter following the emergence of another witness.

The Breakdown
Smith has faced off court issues previously, so he could face a hefty suspension if he's convicted of a crime. There are already rumors swirling that the Nuggets are looking to move Smith and this sort of news only makes them more determined to trade the troubled shooting guard.

With Denver facing the harsh reality that Carmelo Anthony no longer wants to be part of their organization, the Nuggets are looking to rebuild and players like Smith, Kenyon Martin, and Chauncey Billups could all end up being traded along with Anthony or in the aftermath of a Melo trade.

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