Monday, August 16, 2010

JaVale McGee Has Asthma

According to the Washington Post, toward the end of last season JaVale McGee discovered he had asthma. Now that he's aware of of the condition and treating it, he's been able to stay on the court for longer periods.

The Breakdown
In his young career, McGee has only averaged 15.6 minutes a game. This news combined with McGee likely being a starter for the Wizards next season means he's sure to see a boost in his playing time. While McGee remains an interesting fantasy prospect next year, we also have to keep in mind that his condition, even though it's being treated, may limit just how much he can play. Even if he plays very well, I'm not sure he could go 25 minutes a night. McGee remains a strong sleeper candidate, but this news lowers his upside somewhat.

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