Monday, July 12, 2010

John Wall Impressing in Summer League Action

Yes, I know it's summer league. Yes, I know most of these players won't make an NBA roster. Still, John Wall is showing the skills that have many people eagerly anticipating his rookie year. Through 2 games, Wall is averaging 21 points, 9 assists, and 3.5 steals. His play making ability has been absolutely outstanding. He has been setting up his teammates for dunks and open shots that many experienced PGs are unable to do. He's shown the court vision that has had scouts drooling.

When he's up against actual NBA squads, I look for his assist numbers to be in 7-8 range, his steals should be around 1.5 a game, but his scoring will probably be in the low teens. The one problem he'll have is turnovers. He's already committed 16 turnovers through 2 games. This is the one area that it takes a young PG a long time to improve. This is the main thing that hurts his ranking in the Top 150. If you're in a league where turnovers do not hurt you, Wall is worth consideration as high as a pick in the late 30s because of his potential to have a breakout season. If you've seen his play in the summer league and in college, you know he's the real deal. The question really is whether he will continually improve throughout the season like Stephen Curry did last year or will he hit the "rookie wall" that keeps him from having top 20 stats by year's end.

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