Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Win LeBron Sweepstakes

After years of build up and hype, LeBron James has chosen to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to make a new Big 3.

The Breakdown
While this is a great move for the Heat, as it gives them one of the greatest trios in NBA history, it's not great for their fantasy production. James, Wade, and Bosh will each see a decrease in their numbers as they won't have to shoulder the load every night like they've had to in previous years. One guy can have an off night or be the 3rd wheel while the other 2 get their numbers. You can bet it's going to be a different guy every night that's playing the 3rd wheel. Additionally, when the Heat blow out teams, which they are very likely to do, they'll have even fewer minutes on the court.

After this signing, Kevin Durant has to be the #1 player in fantasy going into next season. He and LeBron had very similar numbers last year. With LeBron's numbers likely coming down a bit and Durant possibly taking his game to an even higher level, you have to go with Durant as the first pick in any draft. You could also certainly argue that Danny Granger is now higher ranked than Wade for the same reason. Wade's numbers are going to come down a bit while Granger should be putting up the same numbers he did last year. Bosh's value also comes down slightly, but his rebounding numbers shouldn't take a huge hit. His biggest decrease will be in scoring, as he's clearly the 3rd option on offense.

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