Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jordan Farmar to Nets

Jordan Farmar has agreed to a 3-year $12 million deal with New Jersey. He'll be moving from the best team in the league last year to one of the worst team's in NBA history.

The Breakdown
I'm very surprised Farmar ended up in New Jersey. He was said to be looking for a starting role, so I thought he might end up with Indiana or Charlotte. With the Nets, Farmar will be Devin Harris' primary back up. Given Harris' injury history, he may be a guy to target in the late rounds of a deep draft. He's certainly a guy I'd scoop up off the free agent pool the moment Devin Harris tweaks something. Jordan will give you something in all the traditional PG stats such as assists, 3s, and steals, but he's not worth a look in standard leagues unless Harris suffers a long term injury.

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